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But first, history

Humans have used psilocybin mushrooms for a wide variety of purposes ranging back to around the beginning of the human race. However, contrary to tens of thousands of years of transmitted knowledge about the benefits of psychedelics to the individual and to society, for most of modern history their use has been strictly limited.

As a result, researchers in Canada and elsewhere have been strongly restricted in their ability to study the benefits of psilocybin and other psychedelics using the tools of modern science.

However, the last decades have again seen a growing recognition of the many potential applications of psilocybin use, leading to renewed research. One of the most promising areas of research in particular is the study of microdosing. Although systematic research is still in the very early stages, a number of studies have presented evidence of some of the potential benefits of microdosing, while a growing body of self-reported experiences lends further guidance for anyone who is considering whether microdosing might be a good fit for their own goals and lifestyle. 


In his book “The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide,” James Fadiman, an American psychologist who studies psychedelic use, defines microdosing as use of a “sub-perceptual amount” of psilocybin that does not elicit “the common sensory effects associated with higher doses.”
The microdosing schedule that Best Mushrooms Online recommends for our customers is influenced by that recommended by Fadiman. 

Another influential figure in the microdosing community is Paul Stamets, who has recommended a “stack” of supplements to take along with a microdose in order to enhance the “neurogenic” effects, or the ability for the treatment to aid the creation of new pathways in the brain. Our blends take inspiration from Stamets, building on his recommendations with a few additions and tweaks in order to tailor them specifically to the goals of our customers. 


Our mission at Best Mushrooms Online is to give people the knowledge to make an informed decision whether microdosing psilocybin is right for them and to take advantage of the blends we have created through years of personal experimentation.

We are inspired by personal experience to share the benefits of microdosing, and stemming from this we decided to focus on creating microdosing regiments specifically tailored to the needs of students, professionals, and athletes. We also share a holistic vision of health, and believe that since mental and physical health are so closely connected, microdosing can under the right circumstances lead to better overall physical health and a more healthy lifestyle. This holistic approach, for example, informs our selection and sourcing of ingredients, with a focus on top-quality natural ingredients that promote not only mental but also physical health.

We seek to constantly improve our products through our own fine-tuning process as well as feedback from customers. In doing so, we seek to form a wide community of people with similar goals and motivations.