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Questions to Ask Yourself Before Taking Psychedelics

Whether you’ve tripped hundreds of times before or are just getting ready for your first experience, it’s important to get clear on where you’re at in your life and your intentions before diving in. Check out these questions to ask yourself before…

Intention always precedes an action
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key milestones in psychedelic research

An overlook of the major psychedelic studies and the latest 2021 Yale University research that are changing the way we look at psychedelics. 

Microdosing: Why should you ?

We have compiled an overview of the scientific research on the improvements to focus, creativity and stress experienced by microdosers and how these benefits can help students, professionals and athletes meet their…

Microdosing Best Mushrooms Online

How to: A guide to microdosing

Microdosing is a way of consuming psychedelics with a specific intention in mind. The keyword here is “intention” as it can make a world of a difference upon the action that is being done. An intention is a conscious aim tied to…

benefits by ADAPTOGEN

From the medicinal plant Brahmi that helps improve memory, to the go-to for athletes Cordyceps, discover the benefits of each strain that we introduce into our microdosing capsules. Adaptogens are herbal pharmaceuticals mostly used to reduce stress….