Microdosing: why should you?

The three main areas of benefits that have been identified by scientific research on microdosing are enhanced focus, enhanced creativity, and stress reduction. 

Stemming from these benefits, there are many sub-benefits that have been reported, although not all of them have been confirmed with systematic scientific studies. These sub-benefits include: increased mental energy, decreased social anxiety, and decreased levels of depression. 

There is also spillover between benefits in different areas. For example, in decreasing stress microdosing can help improve not only mental but also physical health. With that in mind, we have compiled an overview of the scientific research on the improvements to focus, creativity and stress experienced by microdosers and how these benefits can help students, professionals and athletes meet their specific goals. 


One of the primary benefits that has been reported about microdosing is that it enhances focus and motivation.

Numerous studies have already provided evidence of this. For example, one study found that a 6-week microdosing program led to lower average levels of distractibility and higher levels of retention of information.

The same study found that many participants had unrealistic expectations about the benefits of microdosing, believing that it would have a far-ranging impact that would dramatically improve aspects of their life overnight. 

Nonetheless, the study did find a significant improvement in the ability to focus. In a related finding, researchers found that people who microdose reported “increased energy, improved work effectiveness, and improved health habits,” on average, compared to non-microdosers.


These are just some of the ways in which microdosing has been demonstrated to help contribute to improved ability to focus. The impact on focus may not completely turn around an unproductive lifestyle, but it will help students, professionals and athletes looking for an extra push in productivity to reach that next level.  


A second benefit of microdosing that has been studied is enhanced abilities at creative tasks.

Creativity enhancement is one of the most-often reported motivations for microdosing, and the impacts on creativity have been confirmed in some studies.


For example, one 2019 study conducted by researchers from the University of Toronto and York University found that microdosing led to “higher wisdom, open-mindedness, and creativity” in participants, while another 2018 study found an increase in creative problem-solving for microdosers.

Another important benefit to consider from microdosing is how it can increase one’s ability to think outside of the box and find creative solutions to problems. 

Students, professionals, artists and athletes, can all potentially use microdosing to increase their ability to find creative approaches to any kind of problem or task.  

Stress Relief

A third potential way that microdosing can help you reach a more productive and fulfilling lifestyle is through its impact on mood and stress.

Stress is a killer of productivity and success. For example, one study found that students with higher stress levels of the cortisol hormone, performed substantially worse on standardized tests than those with lower stress levels. Therefore, managing stress is a key element of success for anyone with a demanding schedule. Studies have documented a reduction in reported levels of stress and depression among microdosers.

The 2019 study looked deeper and found that the reason for this may be that microdosing can lower “dysfunctional attitudes,” which are “disadvantageous beliefs that increase vulnerability to stress.”

In other words, there is evidence that microdosing can help us get out of our own way and approach the world in a more constructive manner. Microdosing can help students, professionals and athletes to meet their goals more productively by helping reduce stress and focus on constructive thinking. 

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