Questions to Ask Yourself
Before Taking Psychedelics


We would suggest starting out by taking some time to yourself, in a quiet environment, to candidly journal your answers to the following questions.

Whether you’ve tripped hundreds of times before or are just getting ready for your first experience, it’s important to get clear on where you’re at in your life and your intentions before diving in.

Why am I seeking a psychedelic experience?

Psychedelic experiences are powerful life-changing experiences. They can be compared to having a first child, having a near-death experience, or a rebirthing experience.

In a letter to Father Victor White in 1954, the famed psychoanalyst Carl Jung wrote: “It is quite awful that the alienists have caught hold of a new poison to play with, without the faintest knowledge or feeling of responsibility. It is just as if a surgeon had never leaned further than to cut open his patient’s belly and to leave things there.

When one gets to know unconscious contents, one should know how to deal with them.”

A psychedelic experience is a noetic experience – a proper integration of such experiences yields meaning that reveals insights into the reality we live in.

Am I willing to work to persevere if or when things get difficult?

Magic happens outside our comfort zones. But it’s not everyone’s forte to put themselves in uncomfortable situations and manage the consequences. If one has the right mindset and is in a learner/student state of mind for the psychedelic experience, that is when the going gets tough, the tough get going.

What is happening in my life right now?

The psychedelic experience is all about set and setting. If you have too much going on in your life at the time you are partaking in such an experience, take a moment and realize psychedelics can or will amplify the thoughts going on your head and quickly overwhelm you. Ask yourself whether you have a failsafe in place when matters get out of hand during the trip. An experienced tripsitter can make a lot of difference during difficult times and can guide you out of it. Integrating whatever is going to show up in your trip with what is happening in your life right now is the path towards a meaningful trip.

What is my intention for taking a psychedelic?

Intention always precedes an action. Setting an intention before the trip can steer one’s course through difficulties encountered during a trip or ground you towards the purpose that necessitated the trip in the first place.

Many confuse intention setting with goal setting but it’s actually the intention that can lead to the attainment of your goals. Unlike goals, intentions do not carry expectations or evaluations.

We often set goals for our career, health, education, and more often than not we overlook the fact that the intention is the driving force behind our goals. An intention before the trip may look like “I want this trip to reveal the ways in which I can heal my traumas”.

Is this the right time in my life for me to dive into this journey?

Integration of psychedelic experiences takes time. If you are short of time and always in a hurry, then think again. A powerful trip can shake your version of reality and it may take you days to integrate the experience into your present life at present. Whether this is your first time or 100th time taking psychedelics, being mindful of the space and time that contributes to the psychedelic state offers great benefits.

Other potent questions for reflection (courtesy of The Temple of the Way of Light's integration booklet) include:

What deeply held fears have held me back from pursuing my most cherished, yet still unrealized dreams?

What aspects of myself-innocence, joyfulness, power, trust, and spontaneity-need to be retrieved?

What is my tolerance for change? How have I responded to major change in the past?

How easily do I handle ambiguity, confusion, situations of not-knowing? Again, how have I dealt with these in the past?

What, including addictions, am I willing to surrender in order to live my soul’s purpose?

What in people or in nature repulses me? Can I identify these qualities somewhere inside myself?

What in people or in nature allures me? Can I identify these qualities somewhere inside myself?

What are the repetitive patterns or dramas in my life? What do I lose from these, and what do I gain from these?

Am I willing to surrender these secondary payoffs in the interest of a cleaner and more integrated life?

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